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The Fujoshi Life

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take this computer away from me



According to this map, Rei and Nagisa live at least a train ride away from Haru and Makoto, and the fact that Rei went to Haru’s house in the middle of the night, even after he went all the way home, as fast as he possibly could just because he was so worried about Nagisa —



It was really hard on me.

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Preview for Episode 6 is up on the site!

Nagisa: Well this place is certainly familiar from last summer~
Haru: What purpose do you swim for?
Makoto: A prayer?
Nitori: No that’s not good! You’ll jinx it!
Nagisa: It’s fine! Just some raucous fighting spirit!
Sousuke: It’s just like that.
Rei: All right! Today will be my the birth of my specialty!
Momo: Big bro really doesn’t need to go out of his way to come cheer for us…
Makoto: Haru, I have a request to ask you.


after ep#4 i waited and waited for this joke to appear on my dash but then i still don’t see any and i got impatient and drew one myself O(—(  

Samezuka vs Iwatobi

Iwatobi vs Samezuka